Adventures in Spring and Summer planning - NM and UK!

Oh wow, spring is my favorite time to be in New Orleans.  Everything is budding, blooming, and the music and fest scene here gets extra vibrant.
Coming up locally, we've got more daytime/farmers market shows for you to enjoy.  Early gigs plus the happy benefit of eating local!  I know many of you are early birds like ourselves, and staying out past ten o'clock at night is a feat.
This Sunday, we've got Brunch in the Garden at Hollygrove Market and Farm.  We'll be strumming for you from 10am-11:30am while you enjoy local brunch and spring vibes in one of our favorite markets!  Did you know that this amazing market is open 7 days a week?!  They've come a long way from 9 years ago, starting out just a couple days a week.

Check the calendar for more events as they get added on...

As for the summer, we're returning to New Mexico, and then making the trek across the pond, fulfilling a life long dream to visit and play in Ireland.
All of these travels are in the beginning stages, so if you have info/people/house concerts you'd like to share, we are grateful for the help! 
So, New Mexico in mid June/early July
And Ireland/UK in late July-August.

More on all that soon...


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