End of Year Reflections

Hello friends!

The last weeks of 2023 find us slowing our pace, and reflecting on all the ways we’ve been blessed, lucky, and loved. Life on Earth does not come without challenges, but we breathe deeply, and learn to live…

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Melissa's Birthday + Michigan in August!

Hey friends,

How are things in your world?  
It seems these newsletters have been few and far between; I hope you don't mind the infrequency.  I'm sure if you're like us, newsletter emails get opened later and/or buried in the…

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Looking Ahead and Springing Forward!

Hello and Happy New Year!

For those recently signed up, welcome and thank you!  For our longtime subscribers, we didn't realize how much time had passed since our last newsletter.  Winter has swallowed us into it's hibernation den, allowing us…

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Offbeat Magazine reviews Live from the Porch!!

Our lil' live album that could is now 6 months old!

We just received word from Offbeat Magazine that our album, Live from the Porch, has been reviewed in their September 2022 issue.  We're pleased as can be reading over…

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Milestones and Autumn Adventures

Hey friends! 

The summer has flown by quickly, and we're already experiencing a (tiny) dip in temperatures here in The Shoals. 

Earlier this month, we celebrated Melissa's birthday and our 15th wedding anniversary!!  We went up to Nashville to enjoy…

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Clarksdale + Podcast + Texas

Hey friends! 

We had such a great time in New Orleans playing and catching up with folks! Thank you NOLA FAM!!  Grateful for the good times and so glad to be back home as we look ahead to summer adventures. 

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New Orleans in May + Album Update

Live from the Porch has been out for nearly two months now!  We'd love to hear your thoughts on the music and we'd also love to know where you're listening to it (i.e. YouTube/Apple Music etc.)  We're always curious how…

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We've been waiting for ages to share Live from the Porch!! 
Many of you heard them live on Facebook when they emerged! 
The songs chosen for Live from the Porch reflect the times we’ve all been…

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Nashville Voyager feature!

Super excited to share that we've been featured in the Hidden Gems collection of on the online magazine, Nashville Voyager!  Their mission is to promote artists, creatives and small businesses by providing a platform for highlighting hidden gems and sharing…

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'Old' Music Made 'New' - Winter 2021

Hey friends and family!! 
We've come to the end of another long year, even stranger than the one before.  We hope you all are feeling good as we come into these last weeks of '21.  We're doing well and enjoying…

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