SJ Home Vol 1 CD
  • SJ Home Vol 1 CD
  • SJ Home Vol 1 CD
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Home Vol 1 begins exploring the idea of home. A simple enough idea on the surface becomes deeper and wider with variants ranging from an address to receive mail to the after life. It can be a place of refuge, joy and peace or a place of fear to run from. Ultimately it is a place within ourselves.

Melissa's lyrics dig in to these ideas. Expressing the most personal experiences through a universal voice. Anyone can take these words and begin their own exploration based on their own experience.

The DeOrazios have taken this project to heart, writing and recording these songs at home. Utilizing Matthew's abilities on drums and bass in addition to guitar, to connect with and interpret Melissa's lyrics.

After nearly eight years of marriage, their connection is deep and the trust in each others care of the work they produce, unshakable. Ultimately, this couple is at home together.

Melissa DeOrazio - vocals/ acoustic guitar

Matthew DeOrazio - electric and acoustic guitars/ bass/ drums

Recorded, mixed and produced by Matthew DeOrazio.

Final mix supervised with Jacques DeLatour

Mastered at Esplanade Studios, New Orleans

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