Autumn's agenda

"Autumn leaves blowin' across the open road..."
Excited for the subtle undercurrents on the Autumn breezes blowing in.  Yes, I know down in South Louisiana, and certainly for our neighbors in TX, it's still hot like a biscuit out of the oven.  But I'm the ever-optimist.  I'm tuning in to those undercurrents and am looking forward to cooler temps and cozy nights.  Winds of change that bring new ideas and weather that calls for a cup of tea, the guitar and pen in hand.  Recorders at the ready. 
In the meantime, we've got a few little gigs to satisfy your Sweet Jones, keeping it light and simple as we focus our attention on the homefront of creativity in our home studio. 
Sat 9/21 - 5:30-6:30p at Cafe Negril.  We help out our good friend and fellow bluesy songstress, Dana Abbott, filling in for her regular early slots at Negril.  Keep an eye out for these little pop ups.  She plays this slot Fri-Sun each week but on occasion will share the love and pass it on.
Fri 9/27 - 12:30am at Little Gem Saloon.  If you haven't been to this newer venue yet, pick a night, hear some great sounds while fine dining.  Beautiful place!  This showcase is for the annual Cutting Edge Music and Business Conference, which takes place all weekend, with a variety of venues and performers showcasing at night, as well as music business panels during the day.  It's a great privelege to participate and we are fortunate in New Orleans to have such an event and community that supports artists.  As we all know, it's not the easiest career path to follow. 

October finds us traveling up to Shreveport and Dallas for the weekend, a little quick scouting adventure.
Fri 10/18 - 9p at North Gate Tavern - Shreveport, LA
We'll be attending the Guitarlington Guitar Show in Dallas 10/19, an event we've wanted to check out for some time, as we're what you might consider "gear geeks". 
Keep an eye on the calendar and/or FB events for pop ups and news.  Thanks so much and see you soon :-)

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