Rusted Halo Records


Rusted Halo Records


Rusted Halo Records is led by Matthew and Melissa DeOrazio.  Having their own record label has been a lifelong goal for this musical couple and it’s finally coming to life.  Rusted Halo Records will be home to their own various musical projects and album releases (The Dirty Rain Revelers, El DeOrazio, Hillbilly Quixotes + Film projects).  The label will also eventually host other musicians and events, fostering community in The Shoals, on the road, and online.

We've always wanted to have our own record label to make the music we want to make, whether that's financially successful or not.  Pandemic life + a move to The Shoals of Alabama provided the fertile ground for this idea to finally come to fruition.  The name came from two places - one, the idea that we're all angels on earth trying to earn our halo; two, from the Cowboy Junkies song, Angel Mine.

To begin, the label will be the official umbrella for The Dirty Rain Revelers and other side projects of Melissa & Matthew DeOrazio.  The label serves as an official way of conducting business and releasing music.  We've been inspired by many of our favorite artists who've done the same (Gillian Welch/Dave Rawlings; Jason Isbell and others).

Life on earth continues to be in flux, full of many unknowns; but we can count on our own home wherever we roam.