The Living Room Sessions

Hello and Happy Holiday season!
The year is winding down and our hibernating-creating nature is settling in.
We're shifting our musical gears again and developing new sounds with a focus on strings and vocals.  Melissa is playing her Takamine acoustic again, (which was the 1st guitar she learned to play with back in '96), combined with Matthew's electric creates a nice blend of natural tones.   We're always exploring new ways to record at home and get the best sounds we can.  We're enjoying the process of really listening to the songs from a fresh perspective.
Not a whole lot of live shows on the horizon at the moment, so we thought it would be fun to entertain you from our living room to yours...We're calling it The Living Room Sessions, and we'll be posting a new video every month, filming and recording mostly new tunes, a few familiars, and possibly even a cover or two. 
We'd love to hear what you think.  Watch it here.

Thanks so much for listening!  Have a great holiday, safe travels, and see you in 2014.

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