Spring approaching

Hello and hallelujah that Springtime is just around the corner!
One of our favorite seasons...jasmine and sweet olive blooming their sweet fragrant flowers...music and festivals around town begin to flower and flow as well.  Good times to be coming!

We've started the recording process, pre-production style - We record basic tracks for all the songs, as a sketch to listen back and decide what we'd like to add/subtract/rework.  So far, so good - 11 songs have unfolded before us, and we're super pleased. 
Patience is key here.  I feel like once we're into spring officially, more momentum will follow.  (PS- Total Solar Eclipse on March 20th, the first day of spring...cosmic).
For now, we're not setting a release date, and letting the songs/project/collection brew. 

But you'll be able to hear us perform some of these new songs live, and we have a few shows coming up this spring. 
Coming up in March, we'll be at a new venue on Frenchmen Street called 30-90 Degrees.  (It's the locational lat/long for nola). 
Check out the calendar for more details.

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