Playing Catch Up

The last couple of months we've been playing catch up.  The time has flown by, and yet in certain ways, we're feeling like we haven't done very much.  That's the challenge and the balance as an artist; to keep the wheels spinning, the engine running, the canvas creating, the shows playing, all while trying to make rent. 

We're doing the best we can with what we've got.  I know you all are in the same boat in your own way, and probably feel like your time is every minute of the day is accounted for.  But it's important to pause and catch your breath; to find that balance, and connect with what's important to you. 

We're just taking life one day at a time, and doing our best to help our neighbors, love each other, and create something positive and uplifting to share.  We're a work in progress.

We do have some autumn shows coming up, and room to fill the calendar, if you'll have us.

What we're up to besides the shows...
We're working on the live recordings from Taos Mesa Brewing and Music at the Mint;
We're visualizing the next DRR records;
We're formulating a meditation record to perform and share with the yoga community;
Matt is staying busy with El DeOrazio's morning meditation blues, as well as recording other groups.  He's posting clips of these morning muses on his Facebook and Instagram , in addition to live clips he's posting from our shows on The DRR Instagram and Facebook.

Upcoming Shows:

September 23rd - Buffa's Bar and Restaurant (New Orleans) - 9pm-midnight
October 4th - Shack Up Inn (Clarksdale, MS) - 5:30pm
October 7th - Covington Farmers Market - 9am-noon; featuring our Santa Fe friend, Eric Chappelle, on fiddle
October 9th - Sidney's Saloon (New Orleans) - 8pm-11pm; MATT'S BIRTHDAY!!! featuring our Santa Fe friend, Eric Chappelle, on fiddle


As always, we are so grateful to y'all for your continuing to be here, listening and encouraging us.  It means everything. :)  <3 
To close with a quote... 
“Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.” Garrison Keillor


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