New Radio Show! New Year! New Adventures!

2018 has snuck up on us, and brought extreme cold (at least for us and what we're used to!).  Freezing temps are not the norm for our winter vibes.

This past year felt full of starts and stalls.  So many dreams and ideas we ponder and come up with...just seem to evaporate almost out of the starting gate.  I'll admit, it's difficult sometimes to be both the creator and the manager and activator/motivator.  And sometimes, it's just not the right time yet for an idea to fully manifest.  So with patience and gratitude, we press on, best as we know how, one day at a time. 

About fun things that just arrive without notice...We got our own radio show!   We're calling it Surya Revelers Medicine Music and have started a page here on the website as well as on Facebook.and Instagram.  This will also be the name of our Mantra/Kirtan band, to play for meditation/yoga gatherings.
About the station - WHIV-LP FM 102.3 New Orleans

We Honor Independent Voices - promote human rights and social justice, and to empower, educate, and advocate for all at-risk individuals and socioeconomically disadvantaged populations worldwide.  As of 2017, 102.3 WHIV-LP features more than 70 hosts and DJs, broadcasting over 12 hours of daily and original content throughout New Orleans, and streaming online in all 50 states, and 85 countries around the world. The majority of our listeners and supporters are from the greater New Orleans metropolitan area, and all of our shows, music, and content is dedicated to human rights and social justice.

Our show - Bringing healing music to the masses every Wed 10p-12am. We play a wide variety of music on the show, all with healing in mind.  We're happy to take requests!  This has gotten us researching new music and reconnecting with music we'd forgotten.  It's been a fun way to be re-inspired.
Listen locally or stream online


The year ahead  - creative, somewhat internal...more house concerts/yoga events/recording...

Check the calendar for upcoming events...if it's a house concert, message us for details; if you'd like to host a house concert, message us and we'll connect and organize. 


Friday, Jan. 26th - 6-9pm - Buffa's Bar and Restaurant in New Orleans - 1001 Espalanade Ave at Burgundy

(private party Feb 7th)

Tuesday, March 13th - 7pm - Foundation Room at House of Blues - Songwriter Sessions - songs in the round!


Summer 2018 - Southwest Tour!  New Mexico, Colorado and the West! Message us if you'd like us to come over and play at your party/yard concert/event! 



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