Let's forget February and skip to Spring

Hey folks,

As you may (or may not) have noticed, all that we thought Feb. was going to be...was not. 
Blame it on winter/planets/health/mercury/moods/madness etc.  Regardless, we have to pick up our pieces and keep moving forward. 

We have to go forward through the fog one day at a time.  We've had to reschedule/postpone and pause a lot in February.

But we're ready to rally.

Our La Divina Cafe show has moved to later in April, and our FB livestream is TBD.  We'll announce on FB when the moment seems right without obstacles blocking our path. :)

Looking forward, the most exciting show we have coming up is in Beaumont, TX on Tuesday. April 6th at the 7 Oaks Event Garden.  Info here

TICKETS HERE - RSVP and get your tickets in advance.  (click the link and then click April 6 for us, and add to cart).

TX folks, make your plans!  I know it's a Tuesday, so bring your tacos there! 

It'll be the first time in over a year that we've been back to TX! 


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