Flowers Blooming Music Brewing - April 2021

Hey folks, 

In case you missed our last newsletter, we're beginning to plan shows again, and are making a quick trip to TX for a beautiful house concert in Beaumont (7 Oaks Event Garden).  Reply to this email if you'd like to rsvp your tickets. 

From our last newsletter sent, about 140 email addresses (mostly yahoo, aol and sbcglobal), bounced and I had to delete them.  So if you're reading this on our blog page, and wondering why we haven't emailed you in awhile...that's why.  #2021  Also, I'm making this email very simplified because the web host/email site we use said some of our links were flags for spam. sigh. 

We're feeling so hopeful now that spring is popping, weather is shifting, and vaccines are rolling out.  We're patiently waiting our turn. 

Check out our calendar for all the upcoming shows we've got so far.  
Several New Orleans area shows, plus TX and Alabama.  
We have so many new songs that we've been working on, and very excited to play them live, where they evolve and grow into their own completion, which usually leads us to a delivering a stronger recording performance for the (future) record.  

We so appreciate each and every one of you who have stuck with us and take the time to read these updates.  Let us know if there are creative elements you'd love to see from us.  We're brainstorming more ways we can bring you light and joy.  We'd love to hear your thoughts, answer your questions and put new, collaborative energy into all that we share. 

As always, BE LOVE! 
Thanks so much!     xoxo M&M    
Melissa and Matthew DeOrazio 
The Dirty Rain Revelers

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