End of Year Reflections

Hello friends!

The last weeks of 2023 find us slowing our pace, and reflecting on all the ways we’ve been blessed, lucky, and loved. Life on Earth does not come without challenges, but we breathe deeply, and learn to live through it all with patience, compassion and courage.
Hug and hold your people in high regard, hold no regrets and share your heart!

While we may not have traveled and performed as much as we have in the past, we did find ourselves in some new places and made new friends along the way.  We're appreciating a bit more down time, and will continue to nurture the home fires into 2024.  We do have TX on the books for our April and October mini-tours.

In Life News:
Back in May, we said goodbye to our 14 year old cat, Lil Mama, who moved with us to the Shoals from New Orleans. (Her brother, Frady, left us the previous summer).  We had no plans to adopt/rescue another kitten, until we met Georgie, in September, behind the grocery store; he'd been living off scraps from employees for several days, but no one had claimed him. (Most of our friends already have their limit of pet friends).  As soon as we brought him home, he was right at home, like he'd been waiting for us.  He's been entertaining and loving on us ever since.

Melissa has now been teaching beginners yoga at Shoals Healing Arts for a year!  She'll be adding more classes in the coming year; she also started teaching a weekly yoga class at the Keller WellCare Gym. 

In gear news, Matthew has sold some musical gear, lightening the load, and streamlining his sounds.  He has a Reverb store, if you're curious what he's got left.  

As we mentioned in our previous newsletter, we're planning to stay closer to home a bit more in 2024, focusing on local/regional shows. We'll be giving ourselves time to focus on writing a whole new set list, revamping old songs, and recording new music.  We also have a few homeowner projects on our list to tend to. 

We post regularly to Facebook/Instagram stories, so if you're wondering what we're up to, you can find us there.  We've also been adding more videos to YouTube.
Much love, we hope all is well with you and hope to see you somewhere down the road.




Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Love!

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