From the recording Live from the Porch

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Recorded by Matthew DeOrazio; performed by Melissa and Matthew DeOrazio; mastered by Grant Walden; written by Melissa and Matthew DeOrazio


I’m frustrated, everything’s over-rated
And I can’t take it any more
The picture is faded, freedom’s been traded
Now we have created this war

Standing tall but I feel so small
Got to break down this wall
What I saw was nothing at all
Am I ready for the fall?

Where is my calm, Where is my calm
Is this the end of the world

News of the day got my nerves all frayed
Don’t know what to say anymore
You better pray that the tidal wave
Doesn’t cave in your door

We wanna be free of the fear and greed
And the false needs they enforce
Now we see just how they breed
How they lead us off course

Why is the truth not getting through
Is this the end of the world

I’m frustrated, everything’s over rated
And I can’t take it anymore
I’m frustrated I’ve been sedated
Time to wake up once more

Nothing can hold me down
Your fear won’t turn me around
We’ll rise up with a joyful sound
Love will be the ever present now