December - Alabama/TX/NOLA

Happy Holiday times! 
We're so pleased to be winding down 2019. 
I hope you all are making resolutions to make time for self-care, to nurture the experiences that bring you joy and to surround yourself with community that you find your soul is drawn towards and uplifted by.  These are a few of our favorite things... 

After trekking over 23K miles just in tour miles (!!), we're winding down December with a little bit less to do-ness.  Somehow, that's more miles than we did last year, even though we went all the way to the PNW and back.  We've been steady at the helm, working towards a more full-time status of gigging and touring.  YAY!!! 

Big, huge thanks to everyone along the way this past year for hosting us, supporting shows, helping in the various ways you do with words of encouragement, hope and hugs, house shows and everything everything.  North Carolina and Nashville get some extra special shout outs due to the recent magical-ness of the experiences and people there.  And of course, our folks in New Mexico who have welcomed us these last 5!! summers now. 

In a bit of sad news, the amazing guitar builder, musician and artist, Gerard Melancon passed away in November.  Matt has been a long-time fan of Melancon Guitars, meticulously crafted out in Thibodaux, LA. We had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with him at his studio and he's worked on Matt's Melancon Cajun Gentleman.  His bright, positive and beautiful soul will be missed.  Don't count Melancon Guitars out just yet, though.  Gerard had a long-time protege who may be able to keep the flame alive.  And Matt will be keeping the flame alive as well, through his playing of his longtime #1, the Cajun Gentleman (named Carmelita), and his Pro Artist T (named T-Beaux). 

We're looking forward to spending some time with Melissa's TX relatives at the end of December and playing downtown Austin's Driskill Hotel. 

On the NOLA front, if you find yourself missing Matt's hummingbird hands (aka fancy guitar stylings), catch him often around town with Shawn Williams. 


Thurs. Dec. 5th, 7-9pm - Singin' River Live - Florence, AL 

Fri. Dec. 6th, 10pm - The Ravenite Pizzeria - Fairhope, AL 

Sat Dec. 7th, 11am-4pm - Love Light Sacred Space - New Yoga Studio grand opening event; we'll be playing two mini-sets - 1pm as Surya Revelers (music for yoga/meditation); and 3pm as The DRR (uplifting roots-rock) 

Sat. Dec. 7th, 6:30-7:30pm Hippie Kitchen (HK NOLA) - Dinner and Music at this lovely, veggie-friendly, organic/local-based restaurant in Jefferson, LA (really only a couple miles beyond the parish line lol) 

Sat. Dec 21st, 6:30-8pm - Hippie Kitchen (HK NOLA) 

Thur. Dec 26th, 8-10pm - The Driskill Hotel - Austin, TX 

Full listings and show details here 

If we don't see you before the close of 2019, then we wish you a Happy New Year and 2020 vision! 

Thanks so much y'all!!! 
xoxo M&M 
The Dirty Rain Revelers 

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