Home: Vol. 1 - Review by The Alternate Root

Sweet Jones (from the album Home: Vol. 1) - Sweet Jones was a result of Hurricane Katrina. Matthew DeOrazio was in Austin retreating and recovering from the storm when he met Melissa at a gig. The New Orleans-based couple record as Sweet Jones, with the recently-released E.P., Home: Vol. 1, as a calling card for their music. Blues hovers a little above the songs on Home: Vol. 1, like the spirits hearing “Welcome Home” as they head towards the hopes of better days. The stories on the album sway with a sadness in the reverie of “I Remember Your Half Grin”, the weariness of a long journey with “It’s Gonna Rain”, and a hollowness from the empty heart and bed in “Who Will Be Your Spark”. Home: Vol. 1 exits with the bright promise of “Homeward Bound” as Sweet Jones pick and pluck a path out of the E.P.
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Review by Danny McCloskey at The Alternate Root

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