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    You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

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The Dirty Rain Revelers - Latest YouTube upload:

Hell and Back - The Dirty Rain Revelers - Spark (2018)


Seasonal Shifts - Autumn 2021 

Hey friends and family, 

A long overdue update here; as autumn leaves fall, seeds are being planted as well.  These newsletters would ordinarily be a monthly note, but the months keep flying by quickly, and much of the plans we make end up changing.  We're taking life one day at a time, as always. 

We've enjoyed some consistency through all of this in the form of working on our house, making it our own, and exploring more of the Shoals.  There are some really gorgeous nature spots in the surrounding…

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Navigating New Landscapes - July-Aug 2021 

Hey folks! 

We've been in our new home in the Muscle Shoals area now for a little over one month, enjoying the region and having a blast fixing up our new old house.  As you can imagine, between pandemic-life, and the big move, our music calendar hasn't been filling up/being filled as much or as fast. 

Melissa is slowly easing back onto the email train that booking shows requires.  We imagine that it will take some time to get back to where we were pre-pandemic....but we also are continuing to take that…

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End of an Era - June 2021 

"We're Alabama bound, going to listen for the sound 
of the Tennessee River and the songs she'll deliver" 
- Melissa DeOrazio -

Hey friends! 

So much excitement bubbling up as the world begins to open up again and the weather begins to welcome us all outside for new adventures. 
We hope y'all are doing well and feeling good about life in this season of warmth, more gatherings and welcoming back live music into your life.  We are deeply grateful to have made it this far, mostly unscathed, and so excited to…

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On the move and finding new grooves - May 2021 

Hey friends, 

As I'm sure you've been experiencing, we too are experiencing rapid changes and soul updates in these times.  We're doing our best, as always, to stay rooted in love and remind each other to breathe through it all. 

Progress on the live recording mixes are intermittent as we find the time to work on them.  We are hopeful to have a digital release for you this summer...tbd. 
As we look ahead toward the summer, we're looking forward to getting back on the road and exploring some new territory. …

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Flowers Blooming Music Brewing - April 2021 

Hey folks, 

In case you missed our last newsletter, we're beginning to plan shows again, and are making a quick trip to TX for a beautiful house concert in Beaumont (7 Oaks Event Garden).  Reply to this email if you'd like to rsvp your tickets. 

From our last newsletter sent, about 140 email addresses (mostly yahoo, aol and sbcglobal), bounced and I had to delete them.  So if you're reading this on our blog page, and wondering why we haven't emailed you in awhile...that's why.  #2021  Also, I'm making…

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